Ginette Tétreault

Ginette Tétreault, avocate et associée chez Droit-famille Outaouais

Ginette Tétreault

Senior Lawyer 
and Partner | Family Law


Ginette Tétreault obtained her civil law degree from the University of Ottawa in 1992. She already held a Bachelor’s degree in linguistics from the same university.

Ginette Tétreault has, among other occupations, taught French, has been Parliamentary secretary and, during the many years where she dedicated herself to the education of her five children, served the community as a foster parent. Naturally, she took on a specialisation in Family Law following her admission to the Bar.

Ginette Tétreault, having always at heart the welfare of families, and thanks to her experience and listening skills, will be able to advise you, as well as represent your best interest along with those of any children involved.